Ben Foster Has His Views on the Current Goalkeeper

Ben Foster, the ex-custodian, thinks Jordan Pickford should have "overcompensated" for the ball's curl to stop the opposing striker from scoring in their recent international game.Any goalkeeper according to Foster, would have stopped Tchouameni's 25-yard shot. Foster represented England as the goalie at the 2006 and 2010 World Cups. The ball was roughly 25 or 26 yards out, according to him, and Pickford should have "overcompensated" for the curl.

It was perhaps 25 or 26 yards away, Bellingham was close to the goal at that distance, and the ball passed through his legs, according to the former Newcastle United player. Jordan Pickford is not offended by that. Jordan Pickford has not been affected by that in the least, correct? Added Foster. Foster manages his own YouTube channel where he talks about football and offers his thoughts on many facets of the game.

He merely started moving his feet a little bit more slowly, which is what I believe has happened. I don't believe he undervalued how quickly the ball would curl, but as a custodian at that level, you have to nearly overcompensate for it. When it was suggested that the strike might have been avoided, Foster reaffirmed his position.
With 112 games and two goals for his country, Ben Foster has received the third-most caps of any English footballer. Additionally, he competed in the Premier League. Before joining Bolton Wanderers in 2003, he began his career with Manchester United. He joined West Bromwich Albion, where he stayed until 2015 after being promoted to the Premier League in 2008. He relocated to WBA's Birmingham City in 2015 and stayed there till joining Stoke City in 2016. Currently, the star goalie is looking to get back into football for lower clubs.