Salomon Rondon might be the person who is being talked about the most and is being praised for striking that lone goal in the Baggies’ previous win over Manchester United, but, according to the coach Tony Pulis, the contribution of Claudio Yacob shouldn’t go unnoticed as he is also somebody who did great work for the team in the playmaking department.


It was after a long duration of three decades that West Bromwich Albion won against the Red Devils at home and according to Pulis, it was Yacob who laid the platform of that historical win with his solid game in the midfield.

In the words of Pulis, “Yacob’s contributions haven’t got that much of recognition, but, he has been very influential and a great individual to have in our change room.”

Pulis, however, might miss out on the services of Yacob for a few games if the Argentinean is shown another yellow card in the coming games as he is very close to reaching the yellow card limit. He's had 9 yellow cards shown to him so far this season and one more yellow card would see him being ruled out for three matches, which would be a big concern for Pulis given that he is in such fine form.

However, he shouldn’t be too concerned as West Brom are now almost safe from demotion and they can probably scrape by without the presence of Yacob - the 28-year old is likely to draw another yellow card with him for the kind of tackler he is.

In the view of Pulis, once West Brom takes its tally to 40, it would be a safe position. West Brom are currently ahead of some of the stronger teams like Everton, at no. 11, which is higher than they usually finish on the StanJames virtual football games, where they typically finish towards the bottom of the pack!