West Bromwich Albion suffered a 2-1 defeat in the hands of a non-league side Torquay United as they prepared ahead of the new season.

The pre season friendly played on Monday night showed the height they have to reach in the coming term.

Goal keeper Ben Foster was beaten from a distance as Callum Hall put the team ahead just after the half time break. The host returned breathing fire and soon got their second through a Brett Williams shot. Darren Fletcher sent a pass which Matt Philips was able to control before scoring ten minutes out. The tried to get the equalizer but couldn’t as the game ended embarrassingly for them at Plainmoor. The defeat was demoralizing as they hope to start the new Premier League campaign next week when it kicks off.

Ben Foster has been pictured many times training ahead of the new season but it seems the player is yet to return to his form before the injury. The player was pictured cycling as he has been keen on in recent years. He is using the pedals to train as he said he started it full properly two or three years back. Foster said he took to it due to the knee injuries he has suffered as biking was a means that allowed him train without putting too much pressure on the knees.

The player said the entire Baggies team are trying to fit and they have been working on their fitness level so much. West Brom would have a tough mountain to climb when the new season begins following the wave of efforts clubs have put in to remain competitive at the coming term. The season would start next week but West Brom would need to work hard judging by their performance against such a poorly ranked squad.