As opposition side you might be scared with Aston Villa

As an opposition side, you would be almost a bit scared visiting Aston Villa in future.

The way the Villa supporters behaved over there the previous afternoon, it was just bizarre.

There was a Cup game played there at Villa Park between the home side and West Bromwich Albion and it went in the favour of the former and it was a big game. So, it was fair enough for the Villains to feel at the top of the world, but, that did not mean they got the licence to run on to the playing area and beat the players.

Yes, that’s what they did which was just shameful to say the least.

It left everybody in a state of shock especially the West Bromwich Albion players, who were already gutted having lost the game, whilst the fans, who had been betting on Ladbrokes were left downhearted also.

The expression of disgust could have been seen on their faces. They could not believe what was going on there.
The shot-stopper Ben Foster termed the act of the Villa fans as ‘stupid’ and his voice was echoed by his manager Tony Pulis who called all the field invaders ‘mindless people’.

In the words of Pulis “The teams don’t go to away grounds to encounter such situations. I have never seen something like this in my entire life. I don’t know why it happened to be honest.”

“Our players have been beaten by those mindless people and I strongly condemn that.”
That win saw Villa making it through to Round of 4 in the competition, but, the club officials would be very ashamed with all that took place at the end.

Humiliating the visiting teams is not the way to go about it and beating the players is unacceptable.
It was definitely ‘mindless’ as Pulis called it.