Injury will keep Ben Foster out of the 2016 Euro’s

Ben Foster is a consistent starter for West Bromwich Albion, ever since he joined the English club back on July of 2011; the 33 year old shot-stopper has been a regular starter.

In his debut season with West Bromwich Albion, Foster made 30 appearances and he has consistently been a high amount of appearances, in the latest season however his time in the pitch was more limited and this was mainly due to an injury which kept him out of pitch for a significantly long period of time.

The injury that Ben Foster was suffering from earlier in the 2015-16 Premier League season was an anterior cruciate ligament and it’s because of this recent injury that Foster was not named in Roy Hodgson’s England squad for the upcoming 2016 Euro’s.

It seems like the knee problems that Ben Foster has been struggling with during the latest season has not only limited the amount of appearances that Ben Foster for his club but it will also be keeping the experienced player out of the 2016 Euro’s as he told Roy Hodgson that his injury still continues to bother him and the pain is something that prohibits him from being able to play.

Before Roy Hodgson had officially named his 26 man squad for the 2016 Euro’s, Ben Foster was already in contact with the head coach as the veteran player told Hodgson to simply keep him out due to his knee problems.

“Roy knows the situation; he's been really good to me so far. He's not selected me because he knows the situation with my knee so hopefully it can clear up sooner than later.It's ok, it's manageable, as long as I do manage it and I'm sensible and I don't go doing stupid things away from football.” Ben Foster said as he ruled himself out of the 2016 Euro’s due to knee problems which he still has not fully recovered from.