Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster has insisted that Red Devils flop Anderson could have been the 'best player in the world', but believes the enigmatic midfielder was held back because he 'didn't care about anything'.

Anderson spent eight years at United, making 181 appearances and winning seven major trophies - including the Champions League and four league titles. However, he retired last year aged 32 after spending time at Adama Demispor in Turkey.

He failed to reach his potential at United and, according to former team-mate Rafael da Silva, also loved McDonald's - and Foster, another ex-Red Devil, has now opened up on how Anderson stunted his own journey to the top of the game.
Former United goalkeeper Foster believes Anderson was held back because he didn't car. Anderson famously found the back of the net in United's penalty shootout victory against Chelsea in the 2008 Champions League final in Moscow. In each of his first two seasons at the club, he played 38 games, before his playing time took a severe hit due to his struggles with injuries and fitness.
Meanwhile, in his joint autobiography with twin brother Fabio, Rafael shed light on Anderson's penchant for fast food during his stint at United. He said that they could be on the team coach and pass the services on the motorway and Anderson would jump up impulsively and yell "McDonald's, McDonald's". He added that although Anderson was so crazy, he loved him.
But the midfielder struggled with injuries and fitness towards the end of his Old Trafford spell. Foster added that if you gave Anderson a football and he would just play with freedom and sometimes, if he got a good run of games, he could play as well as any player in the league.