Blackburn Rovers relief by getting back into International Matches

The Blackburn Rovers have played a total of eleven games in the last five weeks and finally now, they have got some relief because of international break and Paul Lambert, the boss, is pretty pleased about it.

Rovers actually had a win at Griffin Park the other day which was their first on the ground of an opposition in a long time.
So, ideally, a manager would have liked the team to take that confidence and momentum ahead rather than being glad about the break, but, in this case, one can easily understand why Lambert is welcoming the break with both hands.

According to Lambert, normally the teams play so many games in eight to ten weeks, but, the Rovers have had to do it in only half the time which has left everyone including the coaches in a completely exhausted state and in dire need of a breather.

Not all of Blackburn players would be able to put their feet up though as some of them have to travel to their respective counties as well to join their national squads, but, the others would surely switch themselves off and recharge their batteries for the last quarter of the season.

In the words of Lambert, “It’s not a bad time for us to have these couple of weeks off. Well, definitely not all of us. A few players have to go and feature for their national squads, but, those who remain here; it’s good for them as it will help them get refreshed after such a demanding period of 35 days or so.”

The Rovers, who are placed 14th in the Championship table at the minute, have to play their next game straight on 2nd of April against Preston North End.