Aquilani Manager Reveals Contract Extension Frozen

Franco Zavaglia, the representative of Alberto Aquilani, has said that the chat about the contract extension of his client at Fiorentia had started, but, it got halted for some reason and it’s completely still at this point of time.

Aquilani has already had a couple of seasons with Fiorentina and he’s been pretty good for them. Considering that, it was believed that the 30-year Old would definitely be offered an extension this summer.

As per Zavaglia, the first few steps towards the new deal were taken, but, after that, he has not been approached either by the club or by the player himself. So, he assumes that the things are standing pretty still presently.

In the words of the agent, “I haven’t had a discussion with anyone since about 4-5 weeks. The last time I had talked to Alberto was before the start of the action in Brazil. Since then, no phone calls, nothing.”

“I have no idea what is going through the guy’s (Alberto’s) mind right now. Whatever it is, he will have to make a call.”
“I would again make it very clear that the further steps are not being taken for the contract to be extended.”

Aquilani had been playing in the English League before making his way to Italy in the summer of 2012. He was a Liverpool player, but, he was not a regular there. After going to Fiorentina, the midfielder started getting adequate playing time.

So far, Aquilani has played more than 50 Serie A matches for Fiorentina and has found the back of the net 13 times in those matches.

Since Aquilani’s arrival, Fiorentina has finished in top 4 in the league table twice consecutively and the Italian has had a major role to play in that.